Fully Licence By Warrington Borough Council.

Name: Corbett Canines

License Number: HB30

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Meet Our Family

We are a small family run pet service business, we help to look after pets through the day for owners who need an extra helping hand.

Paul & Charlotte


Hello, we are Paul and Charlotte we are the owners of Corbett Canines Ltd, we are a happily married couple and have always loved animals. Paul had a poodle called Poppy, budgie called Charlie and also cold/tropical fish when he was younger and Charlotte has had 2 dogs, a Border Collie Cross called Penny and a Long Haired Lurcher called Nettle. We currently live in Warrington with our two dogs Coco and Bella, our hamster Ed Sheeran-Corbett and 5 (yes 5) Giant African Land Snails. We love taking Bella and Coco for long walks especially around Dunham Massey and we are so glad we have our chance to help other dog owners with walking and taking care of their pets.

Coco Corbett

Owners Dog

Hello, My name is Coco I am a Doberman Lurcher cross, I was a rescue dog when my mommy and daddy found me at Cheshire Dogs Home in March 2016. I am very well behaved and I also work part time as a Pets as Therapy (Pats) dog, I listen to children read and I visit people in care homes with my dad.

Bella Corbett

Owners Dog

Hi, I'm Bella I'm a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel crossed with a Springer Spaniel. Mommy and Daddy got me as a puppy in July 2018. I love playing with my big sister and my favourite toy is my red and yellow rope. I love meeting new dogs and people. When I grow up I hope that I get to be a Pats dog like my big sister.

Natasha Percy

Dog Trainer

Hello, my name is Natasha and I have been worked with dog's for 15 years, including places like Manchester and Cheshire Dog's Home and Dog Country Club. I love to share my knowledge with others in my training sessions and helping owners put the techniques into practise. I met Paul and Charlotte when I introduced them to Coco. I also have 2 dog's myself, Ember and Wallace. Ember is a Border Collie, she was a rescue dog I adopted in July 2016. Wallace is a West Highland White Terrier and I adopted him in 2010. Both Wallace and Ember get on so well and I can't wait to pass on my training skills on to all dog owners.