Fully Licence By Warrington Borough Council.

Name: Corbett Canines

License Number: HB30

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Privacy Policy 

Doggy Day Care

we offer occasional Doggy Day Care for your dog to spend the day with us in our home. They will enjoy socialising with our resident dogs, joining us on some of our favourite walks and receive plenty of love and attention.

Doggy Day Care

Prices are

Full Day £20 per dog per day

Half Day £15 per dog per day ( 1 - 5hrs )

Corbett Canines is based in Warrington and is fully insured by

Pet Business Insurance


fully licensed by

Warrington Borough Council.

(upon request if wanted)

Whilst being here your dog will be part of the family.

Doggy Day Care dogs times :

Drop off’s not to be before 7am and pick ups not to be after 6pm

(Little flexible if needed)


Doggy Day Care dogs can enjoy 20 minutes walk off lead (if allowed) twice day running and playing in a small dog group. They can bring breakfast or a packed lunch if they wish! Alternatively we can supply our own stocked brand Skinners Musli Mix Dog Foods at an extra cost.

During the day they can play with their friends in our home, play with toys or take a well earned nap! Our day care dogs go home very tired in the evening having been looked after in a home environment and well exercised.​​

To ensure your peace of mind we can email you regular updates and we post updates and photos on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

We also ask all our guests to provide your dogs collar, leads (if needed).

We only accept a small number of dogs into Doggy Day Care at any one time so our service is one to one with each dog ensuring their stay is loving, relaxed and enjoyable.



Doggy Day Care is available to dogs that are;

  • A minimum of 4 months of age

  • Fully vaccinated, including Kennel Cough vaccine, (vaccination must be given a minimum of 4 weeks prior to stay) proof of vaccination is required.

  • Well socialised with both dogs and humans.

  •  Have a sound basic level of obedience.

  •  Respectful of household property and possessions.

  • Fully house trained.

  • Fully neutered. (Neutering must be completed a minimum of 8 weeks prior to stay). In some circumstances entire males and unspayed bitches may be considered.


As per our license we are able to leave dogs

alone in our property up to a maximum of 3 hours in a 24hr period

We require all new Doggy Day Care clients to complete a Doggy Day Care trail before any bookings can be confirmed.

* Doggy Day Care is very popular

so we ask clients to book early to avoid disappointment.